Best Quilting Fabric [Reviews & FAQs]

Best Quilting Fabric

Quilters can quickly become enamoured with fabrics. Many experienced quilters have an extensive fabric collection at home, and can hardly resist shopping around for new fabrics, designs, and patterns. As you begin to get more familiar with quilting, you’ll grow to understand your quilting and best quilting fabric needs in a new way, learning guesses the weight, quality, and workability of quilting fabric by feel. And that time it’s very easy for you to select the best quilting fabrics that exactly meets your expectations.Best Quilting Fabric

If you’re not a fabric expert, it can be fairly overwhelming to begin selecting the best quilting fabrics you need for your next quilting project. We’ve put together a review of some of our favorite quilting fabrics to work with, so you can get started on the right foot.


Selecting the fabrics you’ll use for your quilt can be one of the most fun and rewarding parts of the planning process. In fact, the art and craft of quilting was first developed as a way to make a practical and beautiful craft out of spare fabric, scraps and old clothing that was no longer usable.

Today, many quilters prefer to create designs that are based on intent, carefully planning their weight, warmth, color, and contribution to the larger pattern as they go, rather than relying on scraps at hand.

When it comes to working on a new quilting project, many designs and patterns will include advice on what type of fabric, at which weight, will work best to get the results you need.

The true key to creating a quality quilt is to work with quality fabrics. Working with cheap, unsuitable, thin, or poorly suited fabric will result in a quilt that doesn’t stand the test of time, no matter how much work and effort you put into your project.

When selecting, be sure to take your time and select a fabric that will give you the desired look, feel and quality for the quilt you are investing in, and you’ll have quilts that will last a lifetime.

Best Quilting Fabric Reviews

Misscrafts Fabric Bundle Squares

Misscrafts 50pcs 8 x 8 Top Cotton Craft Fabric BundleCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

Beginning quilters, or those who are looking for a quick and easy crafting project will love these pre-cut squares form Misscrafts. The bold variety of colors, styles, and patterns allow you the option of putting together a truly unique quilt design, without having to go through the painstaking process of cutting and designing each individual square.

Anyone who likes to firmly plan and control the creation of a new quilt will likely not find much use for these squares. But, anyone who is open to finding inspiration in a new variety of colors and squares will be delighted when their Misscrafts fabric bundle arrives in the mail.

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Connecting Threads Precut Bundle Collections

Connecting Threads Print Collection Precut Quilting Fabric BundleCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

Connecting Threads has a variety of adorable precut bundle squares available. These coordinated, matching and pre-cut bundles make it very easy to complete a quilt, or compliment your own squares to make your project easier. There are many varieties of colors and styles to choose from.

Even if you aren’t looking to begin a new quilt immediately, these bundles are a wonderful collection to add to your supplies, and can definitely come in handy when you’ve gotten tired of cutting your own pattern squares from scratch.

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iNee Quilting Fabric Bundles

iNee Pink Fat Quarters Quilting Fabric BundlesCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a variety of fabric that provides you with a little more to work with, you’ll love the iNee quilting fabric bundles. Sized and shipped as fat quarters, these themed bundles are perfect for a quilter who is looking for an easy way to repeat a themed pattern, without having to purchase too much excessive fabric.

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Moda Fabrics Scrap Bag Collections

Moda Fabrics Scrap BagCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

Quilting originally began as a craft of frugality. People would save old clothing and scraps of fabric to bring together into beautiful, meaningful, and ecologically friendly quilts. For many new quilters, it can be frustrating to be told to rely on different fabric scraps for parts of your creation.

Moda Fabrics has solved this problem by creating these affordable scrap bags. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, this is enough to get even a beginning quilter started with an impressive scrap bag. As a bonus, working to use all material in a creative way is an environmentally friendly practice that might help you to develop your keen eye for scrap-quilting in future.

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Quilting Fabric Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

When it comes to quilting, there are endless things you can learn about fabric. The weight, style, way it was made, how you will work with it, and what you hope your quilt will look like all play into a decision on fabric. If you find all of the available fabrics overwhelming, remember that as you continue to quilt and develop your skills, you will grow to understand fabrics more.

  • Is there a single type of fabric that is used for quilting?
    Yes and no. There are many fabrics that are specially designed for quilting, and for enduring the weight, wear and use that a quilt usually goes through. That said, quilting is a craft that was made to take advantage of scrap fabric, and talented quilters are able to work many different types of fabrics into their designed.
  • What is “quilter’s cotton”?
    When you’re shopping for quilting fabric, you’ll want to be sure to find one that is specifically weighted for quilting use. That said, many new brands use this term to convince buyer’s that their fabrics are better than they actually are, so be sure you shop with an eye to quality.
  • Do I need to change threads if I am changing the fabric I am working with?
    Yes. When quilting, you’ll need different threads for your patchwork than you do for binding and seamwork. If you’re working with heavy, high-gauge fabrics, you’ll need a strong thread that matches.
  • Which fabrics are difficult to quilt with?
    When quilting, heavy cottons are the easiest fabrics to work with. Working with silk, or similar delicate materials that tend to be slippery and delicate can fray, and be extremely difficult to work with.


Wrapping Up!

I hope this article has helped you make your selection of the best quilting fabric for your specific needs. Have you found a quilting fabric that matches your needs?


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