Best Batting for Quilting [Reviews and FAQs]

Best Batting for Quilting

When you’re designing or making a quilt, most of the focus tends to be on the patchwork, and outer design of your craft. But one of the things that makes a quilt so special is the warmth and functionality they provide while being a beautiful and heartfelt piece of decor. Here it comes to you to choose the best batting for quilting.

Quilting batting is used as an additional layer in your quilt, adding to the thickness, warmth and overall structure of your blanket. The batting is the layer that provides the weight, heat, and structure of your quilt as it nears completion (and the layer that makes quilts extra-cozy). So, it is one of the imperative supplies that you need to do any type of quilting.

Best Batting for Quilting

Luckily for today’s quilters, there are a huge number of batting options available to them, and it has opened up the world of quilting to many more creative ideas.

Batting comes pre-cut and in an endless variety of thicknesses and warmths.

There are also a variety of different materials in battings, meaning even sensitive quilters with allergies can happily craft away, or make gifts for others.

It can be overwhelming to choose the right batting for your project, particularly when you’re moving into a new area of quilting. To help you make your choice, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites to help you narrow down your options.




Warm Company Twin Batting

Warm Company Batting

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If you’re looking for a batting that is warm, light-weight, pre-cut, and easy to work with – look no further. Available in both twin and double widths, the Warm Company batting material is the perfect width for quilting, and adds just the right amount of warmth and weight to your blanket.

The Warm Company twin batting is an ideal batting for anyone working with a fairly standard quilt size, or who are looking for an affordable, quality batting to complete their quilt!


Warm Company Batting by the Yard

WARM COMPANY Warm and Plush Cotton Batting by The Yard

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This Warm Company Batting by the Yard is the perfect option for a quilter that often makes projects with different sizes and shapes. Sold in an incredibly large 10-yard roll, any serious quilter will be well stocked and well-supplied with this batting. Extra soft, and very warm, many quilters prefer the Warm Company offering because it comes with a bit more weight, and makes for a very cozy quilt.

As a bonus, this batting is microwave safe, meaning that any quilters that want to expand to making quilts that can be used as pot-holders or kitchen aids will have the ability to safely quilt away!


Hobbs Heirloom Batting Blend

Hobbs Batting Heirloom

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Hobbs Heirloom Batting Blend is a top choice for quilters who tend to work in a number of different ways. This high-quality fabric is warm, durable and suitable for hand-quilting and machine-quilting.

One of the best things about Hobbs brand batting is the fact that they size up their batting offerings all the way to king sizes. For any specialty quilters who are looking to do a very large project for a very large bed, Hobbs is definitely the top pick.


Angel Crafts All Season Batting

Angel Crafts All Season Batting

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Angel Crafts has created a wide variety of battings, all pre-cut and ready to use in a new quilt. This 100% cotton blend is warm, easy to work with, and made to last a lifetime. This batting is pre-washed, pre-cut, and pre-shrunk, meaning you are ready to go proceed with your quilt as soon as it arrives.

One of the best features of the Angel Crafts batting is the fact that it is machine-washable. This means that anyone who gives quilts as a gift will be able to rest assured that their project will stand up to harsh machine washing.


AK Trading Polyester Batting

AK-Trading 36 Inch Wide Bonded Dacron Upholstery Grade Polyester Batting

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Anyone who is looking to purchase bulk batting, but worries about allergies and sensitivities should look at this batting bundle from AK Trading. This great, multi-use batting is perfect for quilters who also work with other fabric crafts. The 36 inch width and easy to work with thickness makes it a top choice for beginners, and a trusted, reliable batting for experienced quilters. The ability to buy one yard of quality batting, online, with easy shipping is an incredible bonus for any quilter who is looking to finish up a small project.


Quilting Batting Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is quilting batting?
    Quilting batting is used as an insulating layer in quilts. The batting provides an extra layer, making quilts much warmer than they would be without.
  • Are there different types of batting?
    Yes. There are many different types of cotton batting, made from a variety of materials. 
  • Are there different thicknesses of batting?
    Yes. Quilters have a wide variety of batting options that will allow them to change the thickness and warmth of a quilt design. 
  • Can I cut batting with my rotary shears?
    It is possible to cut batting with rotary shears, but not recommended in many cases. Thick batting will dull your blade and shorten the life of your rotary cutter. 
  • Can I make a quilt without batting?
    It is necessary to have a batting layer in quilting to ensure your pattern is supported and doesn’t shift during sewing. That said, there are many light-weight batting options available for those looking for a light-weight quilt.


Wrapping Up!

When you complete a quilt, it is an act that involves your time, dedication, and heart to complete. When you’ve put so much into a project, it is very important that you use the materials you need, to ensure your final product reflects all of your hard work. Batting is an essential part of any quilt, providing the warmth and structure that will make any quilt a beloved household staple for years to come.

As modern fabrics have evolved, more and more batting is available for quilting. The verities of these new fabrics mean that there are new options for quilters with allergies, and provides the opportunity to make very warm quilts without adding too much bulk. Be sure that your next quilt is more than just decorative by selecting a quilting batting that is warm, quality, and will stay intact even through daily use.


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