Best Quilters Travel Case for Ultimate Portability

Best Quilters Travel Case for Ultimate Portability

Do you find it difficult to store and carry all your quilting tools and materials?

Are you looking for a means of conveniently being able to go to quilting classes and other locations with all your materials intact?

Is it a total nightmare for you to organize all your quilting tools?

I’m pretty confident that your answer is a resounding YES!

Quilting is a craft that calls for the use of numerous tools and materials. You have to use your sewing machine, several spools of colorful threads, cutting boards, scissors, and various other tools.

Best Quilters Travel Case for Ultimate Portability

With so many different tools, it’s extremely difficult to travel around. You might forget some crucial tools, you might not be able to fit them in a regular bag, and organizing them is nearly impossible!

That’s why it’s so important to use a quilters travel case to enhance the portability of your quilting set.


In this article, I’ll give you an overview of some of the best quilters travel cases on the market. All of these tote bags and travel cases are spacious and contain several compartments to help you organize and carry your quilting kit wherever you want.

Quilters Travel Case Product Reviews

1. Everything Mary Deluxe Quilted Pink and Grey Rolling Sewing Machine Tote – Portable Sewing Case
by Everything MaryEverything Mary Deluxe Quilted Pink and Grey Rolling Sewing Machine Tote

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Everything Mary Deluxe Quilted Pink and Grey Rolling Sewing Machine Tote

This Everything Mary quilters travel case is available in two designs — a black floral design, and a gray with pink trim design. Both of them are visually stunning. It is made from extremely durable microfiber materials and only weighs 6.2 pounds.This travel bag features a number of different storage pockets and compartments for all your quilting tools including sewing machine. It has an overall storage capacity of 16.5” x 9.5” x 13.5” so it can hold most sewing machines and tools. Finally, it comes with quad-roller wheels so you can easily roll it around instead of having to carry it on your back.

2. Luxja Rolling Sewing Machine Bag
by LUXJALuxja Rolling Sewing Machine Bag with Shoulder Strap and Handle, Rolling Tote Bag

Check Today’s Price on AmazonLuxja Rolling Sewing Machine Bag with Shoulder Strap and Handle, Rolling Tote Bag

The Luxja Rolling Sewing Machine Bag is minimally designed and available in only two monochrome shades — black or purple. It is made of heavy-duty nylon fabric so you can rest assured that your quilting kit will remain safe even if there’s a light rainfall. The travel case features a variety of net pockets, cloth pockets, PVC zipped pockets, and side pockets, so there’s ample space to organize all your quilting tools. The main sewing machine compartment also comes with adjustable straps that can secure the machine in place. Finally, the travel bag comes with a telescoping handle with two wheels for enhanced portability.

3. BlueFig TB19 Sewing Machine Carrier
by BluefigBlueFig TB19 Sewing Machine Carrier-Project Bag-Notion Bag

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The BlueFig TB19 Sewing Machine Carrier is essentially a series of three different travel bags. The bottom trolley has dimensions of 19.25” x 14” x 9.5”. The middle tote bag has dimensions of 17” x 13” x 7”. And the upper notions bag has dimensions of 20” x 12”. The entire bag is made of 600d Poly material and it is entirely padded to protect the quilting tools from an impact. The bag features zippered pockets along the front of the bag, shoulder straps, and grab handlebars. Finally, the rugged wheels can easily bear the weight of the entire travel bag and it can easily be rolled along.

4.  Omnigrid Quilters Travel case, Black
by Omnigrid

Omnigrid Quilters Travel case, Black

Check Today’s Price on AmazonOmnigrid Quilters Travel case, Black

The Omnigrid Quilters Travel Case is an extremely minimalist quilters travel case. It is designed in a simple black aesthetic with a single shoulder strap. The inside of the bag includes several storage options for all your tools. The entire case measures 14” x 14” x 2.75”. As such, it can accommodate a small sewing machine, but not larger sized ones. It can accommodate quilts of up to 12.5” square in dimensions. It doesn’t come with roller wheels or telescoping handles. As such, you have to sling the bag across your shoulders. This quilters travel case is largely targeted towards those who don’t travel often. However, on the bright side, it is one of the cheapest travel bags on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Quilters Travel Case

In this section of this article, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about quilters travel case.

Why do I need a quilters travel case?

  There are a number of key benefits of investing in a quilters travel case:

  • You can easily carry your sewing machine and other tools to classes or anywhere else you want.
  • Your tools and machinery remain clean, protected from dust and other contaminants.
  • Since no dust can get in, your sewing machine’s efficiency is preserved.
  • You can easily store your machine and quilting tools.
  • Makes organization of tools easy.

Which factors to consider when buying a quilters travel case?

When buying a quilters travel case, you should take the following factors into consideration.

  • Durability: What’s the material used for making the quilters travel case? Is it durable? Can it withstand light rainfall or humidity?
  • Protection: How much protection does it offer your quilting kit? If there’s a light drizzle, will the water seep into the travel case? You need to make sure that the travel case is capable of blocking out external pollutants and keeping your tools safe.
  • Weight: Your travel case will go places with you. You’ll need to carry it around. As such, you need to get a travel case that’s lightweight so your arms don’t get tired.
  • Portability: A lot of quilters travel cases come with rolling wheels. As such, you can easily roll it along the ground. These are the most portable and efficient among all other travel cases. However, some others also come with shoulder straps that can be useful. Be sure that the travel case has some convenient means of being carried.
  • Organization: The travel case should have plenty of different compartments and sections so you can organize your quilting tools properly. This is what primarily distinguishes your quilters travel case from just another suitcase. So be sure you look into the storage space.
  • Storage: How much space is available in the travel case? Can you fit all your tools and sewing machine into it? Be sure to get a quilters travel case that can accommodate all your tools.

Wrapping Up!

I hope this article has helped you select the best quilters travel case for your specific needs. And now that you can finally fit all your quilting kit into a single bag, it’s time to travel carefree!

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