Best Ironing Board for Quilting Buying Guide & Reviews

Ironing Boards for Quilting Buying Guide & Reviews

As much as ironing is not a favorite thing for many people including quilters. And if you are a quilter, great ironing boards for quilting can change that in ways you never imagined. After all, sometimes you are left with no other choice but to iron your quilts, fabrics, curtains, or clothes you own. 

When the pile is too huge, and wrinkles are a bit stubborn, a perfect ironing board will do. That’s because it is no secret that an excellent iron is beyond any reasonable doubt just half the battle. Things can get even tougher if you are a quilter who needs to work for long hours as well as iron a pile of fabrics and quilts day in day out.

Ironing Boards for Quilting Buying Guide & Reviews

Fortunately, some manufacturers have come with ironing boards for quilting that will meet the needs of any tailor in the best way possible.

Now, how do you know if what you have in hand is an ironing board for quilting?

Or, Which one is better than the other?

Read on for the answers and other essential details regarding the ironing boards for quilting. Even you are not a quilter, but a sewer, or on any other craft, or just a home user, still this would help you know many important points that would help you to make a better decision!


What are Ironing Boards for Quilting?

One must agree that not only the quilters need an ironing board. Some users are simply people who need to remove wrinkles or dry their clothes. Basically, an ironing board is a flat area where you place your clothes or fabrics on when ironing. Surprisingly, there is no much difference between the ironing boards for quilting and the typical ones. However, the former ones are a great option if you are a quilter for reasons that we will discuss later in this piece. Keep reading for more insights about ironing boards for quilting.

Types of Ironing Boards and Selecting the Perfect Ironing Board for You

It is very important to know which type of ironing board is perfect for you before you go for one. And for that, the most important point that you need to know is the types of ironing boards.

Based on their designs, ironing boards fall under three categories. Some are portable while others remain in a particular place forever. The three types are the built-in, tabletop, and full-size ironing boards for quilting. To help you understand the differences and to guide you on how to choose among them, let us discuss each model.

Built-In Ironing Boards

These are the ironing boards that have to be installed before they are used. They are also referred to as wall-mounted ironing board depending on where you install them. In addition to that, you can fit them in a closet or a pull out drawer as well. They fold out from the mounting area during use. They are perfect when space is not enough. After all, you will tuck it away in the cabinet or closet once done. Additionally, there are no legs necessary which can be space-occupying.

Tabletop Ironing Boards

This design is also perfect when you have limited space. The tabletop ironing boards are the most compact ones no doubt. When it comes to adjustments, there is not much that you can do. However, it may not be necessary since its compactness ensures that it can fit in almost any place. When it comes to moving around, the convenience is also impressive. Therefore, I couldn’t imagine a better solution to frequent travelers. Another suitable buyer is a student who has to fit everything they own in his or her small dormitory.

The fair price is yet another plus. During use, you can place it on various surfaces. They include a chair, countertop, coffee table, or a table. As much as it is a plus for occasional use. It is not a high recommendation when it comes to ironing boards for quilting. However, don’t hesitate to buy it if you do it as a hobby.

Portable or Full-Size Ironing Boards

This is the most common type of ironing board for quilting when it comes to the professional world. That doesn’t come as a surprise since the features are impressive. They also come in various sizes. When it comes to portability, you can easily move them from one place to another. The height is also adjustable. That’s considerate since some people love ironing seated. On the other hand, there are those who prefer standing. Equally important, various people have different heights.

What are the Benefits of Owning an Ironing Board for Quilting?

Their importance is indisputable

The fact that they are useful means that owning one makes sure that you have one of the basic items of any household. Once your clothes or fabrics have wrinkles and need fixing, it is good to have an ironing board. As for the quilters, ironing gives a newly-made garment a great look, and having a board makes it even better.

They are convenient

First of all, it is always good when you have a specific place for a job. It ensures that you get to use it as soon as a need arises. If you often rely on a table for ironing, you have to ensure that it will not be needed for any other job any time soon before you start using it. Equally important, you might have to remove some things and return them after use.


Some models are easy to move around with. For that reason, you don’t have to be at home for you to wear wrinkle-free clothes.

Ease of use

The fact that the use of an ironing board for quilting is specific, its design will fit the requirements of the task correctly. For that reason, using it will be not only straightforward but also effortless.

They are protective

Some brands have ensured that you, your clothes as well as the house is not prone to any danger when you are ironing. To achieve that, they have come up with ironing boards for quilters with heat as well as fire-resistant covers and pads. With that, chances of related accidents become low.

They save space

Thanks to their designs, some ironing boards for quilting have a large surface are yet occupies a small space. Under such circumstances, no one cannot be happy about such a product.

To reap all the above benefits and much more, continue reading for the ultimate buying guide.

Ironing Boards for Quilting Buying Guide – Things to Consider When Purchasing an Ironing Board for Quilting

As a quilter, it is wise to look for the best ironing boards in the market or at least something that gives you great results. To ensure that, make sure that you consider the following factors when buying an ironing board for quilting. Check them out!

The surface area

Shirts, as well as trousers, may not demand too much surface area. Nevertheless, that is not something that you can say for suits, dresses, and quilting works. On the contrary, they need a large surface area. If it is wider, the better. That’s because it can be quite annoying to keep repositioning your clothes or fabrics now and then when ironing. In addition to that, it can consume much of your time.


The most recommended height of an ironing board is when it stretches around one’s waist during ironing. According to most users, it is the most comfortable height. After all, it avoids straining even when you are doing a lot of tasks. Consequently, backaches become a thing of the past. However, that may not be the case when it comes to you. Since better safe than sorry, an even greater choice would be to go for those with adjustable heights. That way, comfort is a sure bet regardless of the height of the person who would like to use it.


Remember that one has to apply pressure on the ironing board for quilting when ironing clothes or fabrics. For that reason, see to it that what you take home once you visit the mall is sturdy and robust. Otherwise, it might not only wobble but also bend as soon as you put a lot of pressure on it. The worst-case scenario is if it could tip over while you are ironing. That is understandable given the weights that it will handle. There is the weight of a person leaning on it while ironing, the iron as well as the clothes/fabrics/quilts.


This one mostly depends on the materials that the manufacturers use. For instance, metal and wood surface areas have different lifespans. Equally important, different types of woods and metals also vary when it comes to robustness and longevity. Due to that, make sure that you choose your ironing board for quilting with that in mind.


This is as far as the types of ironing boards for quilting are concerned. Refer to the segment discussing the various types for an informed decision. Based on your deductions, go for the one that suits your needs better than the others.

The board’s cover

Most of the typical ironing boards for quilting come with covers. As much as it is common, there are differences when it comes to each model. From quality to padding, all the ironing boards are not the same. It is always advisable to go for one that has relatively thick padding. In addition to that, it should be non-sticky. As much as those with reflective surfaces are good due to heat retention that may not be good when it comes to the delicate garments.


This becomes a matter of life or death for those using steam irons. The steam should have an escape point. Failure to that might burn you, or damage your clothes and fabrics. To avoid that, go for boards with grid work or vent holes. Materials with perforations or vent holes are perfect for the job.

Add on

A good example of an important add on is an iron rest. It may not be essential, but its importance cannot also be ignored. It reduces the chances of iron dropping. As a result of that, you are safe from accidental burns, and the appliance will not fall and get damaged.


If you plan to move your ironing board in the future, a built-in one may not be a good choice.

Reviews of the Best Ironing Boards for Quilting

Since choosing the best quilting ironing board can be a daunting task due to the myriad options and variations that make some better than others, below are some of the best in the market. Read on, hope, by the end of the reading you can able to choose the perfect quilting ironing board for you!

Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest and Linen Rack, Size C, Wide – Ecru Cover
by Brabantia

Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest and Linen Rack - Quilting Ironing BoardBrabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest and Linen RackThis is an ironing board measuring 49 x 18 inches and manufactured by Brabantia. Its ivory frame makes it durable. On the other hand, it is extra wide but easy to transport. Once you fold it, you can rest assured it will remain so because of the efficient locks. The iron rest and linen rack further make it an alluring product worth every penny.

  • It comes with add-ons such as linen rack and iron rest.
  • Its height is adjustable to up to 4 heights
  • Its legs are non-slip
  • It comes with a warranty of up to 10 years
  • It is quite heavy when it comes to transportation
  • The space it requires is also large since it is extra-wide

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Mabel Home Extra-Wide ironing Pro Board with Shoulder Wing Folding, 8 Feature, with + Extra Cover
by Mabel Home
Mabel Home Extra-Wide ironing Pro Board_8-Features - Quilting Ironing Board

Mabel Home is a brand well known for its great ironing boards for quilting, and this one is no exception. Its uniqueness is as a result of the retractable shoulder wings. The material of the frame is powder-coated metal. That of the padding is 100% cotton. The blend of the two gives you sturdy furniture. Its surface is both wide and heat resistant. Dimensions are 62.6 x 19.4 x 37 inches.

  • It is durable and stable Mabel Home Extra-Wide ironing Pro Board
  • The surface area is ample
  • It has an iron rest
  • The board ideal for both household and industrial use
  • It comes with an extra cover
  • Lack of detailed documentation
  • Relatively expensive though worth it

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Bartnelli Pro Luxery Extra Wide Ironing Board 51×19”, Steam Iron Rest, Multi Layered, T-Leg,European Made
by Bartnelli

Bartnelli Pro Luxery Extra Wide Ironing Board - Quilting Ironing Board

These European quilting ironing boards are from one of the formidable brands, Bartnelli. The material of its top is 100% cotton. In addition to that, it has a padding of foam and felt layers. It measures 51 inches x 19 inches. The height is adjustable, and it is also foldable. Its manufacturer offers the customer a one year warranty. 

  • Its surface area is impressive Bartnelli Pro Luxery Extra Wide Ironing Board
  • The legs are sturdy for stability
  • It has firm locks to keep it intact after folding
  • Its feet cannot damage your floor
  • The height is adjustable to 4 heights
  • The base should be broader for stability purposes
  • They stain after some time

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Reliable 300LB Longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Table with Extension
by Reliable

Reliable 300LB Longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Table - Quilting Ironing Board

These are excellent quilting ironing boards where durability meets stability. The tube-framed stability contributes to the former. As for the latter, it is all thanks to the double-wishbone leg design. Dimensions are 18.9 x 47.25 inches which are enough for ironing. It is foldable. Covers’ materials are cotton and polyester for a smooth ironing surface. The height is also adjustable.

  • Expect a secure fold due to its magnetic locking system Reliable 300LB Longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Table
  • Since it is foldable, storage and transport are a walk in the park
  • It comes with an iron tray as well as a laundry rack
  • The height is adjustable
  • It is sturdy
  • It is also stable
  • Has sharp edges that can hurt you if you are not careful
  • It is heavy

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Sullivans Ironing Center
by Sullivans

Sullivans Ironing Center - Quilting Ironing Board

The fact that the material of these ironing boards for quilting is fiberboard means that durability is top-notch. In addition to that, it has laminated surfaces. It is also comfortable to use since the height is similar to that of a counter. It is foldable. When open, dimensions are 22 x 59 x 37 inches. Once you close it, it will measure 22 x 34 x 37 inches.

  • They are foldable hence easy to transport and store
  • It comes with a fitted and padded cover which is also protective
  • When not in use, it is possible to fold it down which saves space
  • It is durable
  • The size is perfect
  • It also has a cabinet with two shelves for storage
  • Assembling can be a challenge
  • The price is relatively high

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Parker & Company – The Pro Board, Extra Wide Ironing Board w/Unique Folding Shoulder Wings and 7 Other Convenient Features
by Parker

Parker & Company - The Pro Board, Extra Wide Ironing Board - Quilting Ironing Board

Once it is ironing time, it could be nice to have these ironing boards by Parker. They are not only durable but also stable. Its powder-coated metal frame facilitates that. As a result of that, it has been perfect for both industrial and household usage. Its other features and their benefits are as follows.

  • You don’t have to worry about your steamer or iron because it has a heat resistant tray. Parker & Company - The Pro Board, Extra Wide Ironing Board
  • It also has retractable shoulder wings. They are unique as well as patented.
  • It is extra-large for an ample ironing surface.
  • The ironing board for quilting also comes with a multi-layered cover.
  • It has a child safety lock system.
  • Thanks to the cord holder, its transportation is a breeze.
  • It is relatively expensive

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
by Hafele
Wall Mounted Ironing Board by Hafele - Quilting Ironing Board

If you are looking for a wall-mounted quilting ironing board, Hafele has you covered. The size is approximately 37 by 12 inches for the length and width, respectively. It is stable since it has a steel frame. Its epoxy coating sees to it that the cover is durable and visually appealing. The board further supports the conveniences. That’s because it swivels either left or right at an angle of 90 degrees.

  • It is easy to mount on any wall Wall Mounted Ironing Board by Hafele
  • The surface area is ideal for all kinds of ironing
  • It comes with a cover
  • It is foldable which simplifies transport as well as storage
  • Durability is also a guarantee
  • One needs at least two people during installation
  • Installation instructions are also a little bit scanty

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Sullivans Board Overlay, 59x22x1, White
by Sullivans

Sullivans Board Overlay - Quilting Ironing BoardSullivans Board Overlay - Quilting Ironing BoardSullivans Board Overlay - Quilting Ironing Board




Sullivans Board Overlay - Quilting Ironing Board

This is different from the other ironing boards for quilting on our list. That’s because it must be attached to another board. Therefore, it becomes perfect if you already have a board but also needs additional surface area. Its laminated surface makes it durable. It is also easy to clean. The dimensions are 59 inches by 22 inches. As for the bottom rail, it measures 16 inches. It has a cover that comes with a protective pad.

  • Easy to clean
  • It offers additional space if a need arises
  • The height is also adjustable
  • It is an excellent way of saving space.
  • The extension is easy to install
  • It fits in almost all the standard ironing boards
  • It doesn’t come with an ironing board
  • You can’t use it on its own

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’n Press II 12 Inch x18 Inch
by June Tailor

June Tailor Quilter's Cut'n Press II - Quilting Ironing Board

Whether it is for cutting or pressing, this product by June Tailor will not disappoint. It has an ideal size of 12 inches by 18 inches. Its versatility is also incredible. That’s because it is a cutting cum ironing board. It is lightweight since its weight is 2.9 pounds only. The dimensions are 14 x 0.7 x 22 inches.

  • It is the best option when it comes to ironing quilt strips as well as blocks
  • It’s stable enough for you to put it on your laps when working
  • The surface area is great
  • It is also portable
  • The product is multi-purpose
  • It is hard to remove stains in case of a spillage
  • The glue connecting the cutting mat and ironing board can be better.

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board with Retractable Iron Rest
by Honey-Can-Do

Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board - Quilting Ironing Board

Sometimes all you need is something that is affordable and gets the thing well done. If that is what you want, this is what you need for a great ironing board. The polycotton material is non-sticky. Other materials are wood and iron for stability and durability. Dimensions are 32 x 12 x 6.1 inches

  • They are collapsible for easy storage and transport Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board
  • They occupy little space
  • No scorching thanks to the metal iron rest
  • The ironing surface is big
  • Its stability is also indisputable
  • It may not be ideal for huge projects due to space and design

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Sunbeam Tabletop Ironing Board with Cover
by Sunbeam
Sunbeam Tabletop Ironing Board with Cover - Quilting Ironing Board

These are great ironing boards for quilting that will be a significant investment. Its top is made of 100% cotton. In addition to that, it has a padding of foam fiber. Therefore, it will be easy to iron even over seams and buttons. The floral patterns make it beautiful and stylish. Its dimensions are 23.5 x 12.5 inches.

  • No accident or damage when ironing or damage to your tabletops since it has non-skid feet.
  • It occupies little space hence perfect when you have limited space.
  • Its cover is not only removable but also washable.
  • It is collapsible as well for convenient storage.
  • Due to the foam padding, it may take quite some time to dry after washing.
  • The size may not be ideal for professional use.

Check Today’s Price on Amazon


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ironing Boards for Quilting

Q: Which type of ironing boards for quilting is the best?
A: Given the discussion above, identifying the best ironing board will be relatively simple. Each type has its benefits as well as shortcomings. In addition to that, you have a list of factors to consider, which is the perfect checklist when selecting one.

Q: Is an ironing board necessary when ironing?
A: Honestly, you don’t need to have an ironing board for you to iron your clothes, fabrics or quilts. Nevertheless, they come bearing a lot of benefits including convenience which makes them worth every penny.

Q: How much space would I need for an ironing board for quilting?
A: Various ironing boards have different sizes. Therefore, the ironing board that you will choose will determine how much space you will need. However, keep in mind that you are a quilter and need one that is versatile.


Final Words

It is evident that the article leaves no stone unturned as far as ironing boards for quilting are concerned. Any reader will also be knowledgeable regarding how to settle for the best ironing board for quilting or even for the best ironing board for everyday use. As for the recommendations, they will never disappoint you in the event that you consider them. Keep in mind the factors necessary so that you can be sure of taking something worthwhile home. Grab one today and start reaping the benefits of the ironing board for quilting as soon as possible.


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